Higher Profits. Happier Staff.

Through implementing 3 Day Work Week, salon owners were able to increase profits and see results within their own salon culture that facilitated a positive environment and happier staff.



"…I’m much happier and love coming to work. Working less makes me work harder."
– Lensi, Master Stylist


Our net income increased by 82% in 24 months thanks to the 3 Day Work Week…
– Wendy, Salon Owner




"Thank you so much for your guidance..."

“Thank you ladies so much for your guidance and answering our questions on the 3 Day Work Week. You put some important questions into perspective for us.”

— Tricia Rivas

"Thank you for your great insight..."

“My business did a conference call with the manager and staff members. It was EXTREMELY helpful!! Thank you for your great insight and willingness to help!”

— Lexi McGhee

"It has been a great six weeks of learning..."

“Thank you very much for your great knowledge, kindness, and coaching. It has been a great six weeks of learning and understanding what needs to improve. Looking forward to your next course."

— Ronit Enos



Higher profits. Happier staff.

Learn proven methods from over 15 years experience. Increase profits across your entire business while creating a positive culture which promotes a happy staff. Our own salon saw an 82% increase in income in 24 months. Download our e-book to get your salon back on track!