Elevate Your Craft

by Lensi White

I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years, so I'm to the point where I am educating fellow stylists as well as new stylists.  Being in this position holds me to a higher standard because other's are ALWAYS watching!  Because of this, I MUST always pursue ways to continue my own education. This day in age there's so many ways to stay inspired and continue learning.  Becoming stagnant and trying to fool myself into thinking I know "everything" is not an option!

I recently met a stylist/educator who has only been doing hair for 4 years, but you know what?  I learned so much from him!  He worked with me on hand-painting techniques, but I walked away from that class with so much more!

My main take away was to ELEVATE MY CRAFT! Not only with furthering my education, but with simple day to day tasks.  For example, for your clients (especially those long loyal clients) give them that extra head massage, get on their level and talk with them for 5 extra minutes! Do small things that leave big impressions! People are attached by feelings, so if you give them extra feels, they feel more connected and will become more loyal to you!

A big "ah-ha moment" for me was when he told a story about how his hairdresser friend elevated his craft by wearing suits everyday while doing hair! Is that inspiring or what?!  This simple wardrobe change is making him more confident, is helping him attracted a higher clientele, and therefore will be able to increase his worth! 

I want to encourage you to take some time to think about what you can add to your day that would take your craft to a completely different level!!! Will it be elevating your look by kicking those old worn out old shirts, and replacing them with some new blouses or button downs?  Will it be scheduling that class, so you can have more tools and tricks in your pocket? Will it be just taking more time with your already loyal clients?
Know that whatever you choose will take your business to another level and keep you inspired! That's what we all want, right?

What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

by Bekah Nash

If given the choice, who would you choose as your leader?  Aldolf Hitler or Mahatma Gandhi?  No brainer, right?  Gandhi is the clear choice here!  I pose this question to you not to get into the details of their influence, but instead to look at their leadership styles.  One lead from the basis of fear while the other called people to unity and created a vision his followers could stand behind.

Do you give orders or create opportunity?

By giving orders to your team, you are teaching them that they must look to you for every little thing that comes up.  Adversely, creating opportunities for your team is giving them to tools and the confidence they need to handle their own little things as they arise.  I love this quote by Gandhi.  If we as leaders can empower our team to think for themselves, they can grow much faster and higher than we could ever bring them.



5 Suggestions For Leading Your Staff


Make Your Expectations Known on the Front End

As leaders we must scream stability and safety.  If you’re a parent you understand this VERY well! Consistency is key in effective leadership.

Let Your Staff Find Their Solutions

As owners and managers we work very fast and want every conversation we have with our staff be about results.  The quickest way to get results is to give them all of the answers.  RESIST THIS TEMPTATION!  Allowing your team to come up with their own solutions will foster critical thinking, which brings me to the next suggestion.


Create a Critical Thinking Environment

I liken critical thinking to independent thinking.  Does your team have the ability to reason through challenges as they arise on their own?  There will be times when you can’t physically be present to make decisions for them.  This is one of the main differences between managing an leading.  Managers “manage” situations, leaders empower others to manage their own situations.


Let Them Tell You How You Can Support Them

As their leader you are their biggest cheerleader and greatest mentor.  Each team members wants to supported as an individual, tailored to their particular needs.  It’s as easy as just asking them how you can support them.  It’s very likely they will happily tell you what they need from you, which takes the guess work out for you!


Make it Known to EVERYONE When They Get it Right

Shout it from the rooftops when a team member excels.  Give them a high five as soon as you see them do something right!  This is the single most important thing leaders can do to build up their team.  


Creating Opportunities > Giving Orders


How do you create opportunities for the growth of your team?

Fresh Spring Ideas

by Wendy White-McCown

Spring is a great time of year to add some fresh new ideas to your salon.

With the freshness of spring in the air, this is a great time to bring a little bit of that indoors, into our salons. We've learned that adding new items for retail purchase creates a buzz for the team and the clients alike.

I love shopping at places that keep things nice and current. On a recent shopping trip I came upon these wonderful bath salts scented with essential oils that smelled so good. I thought, this would be a good thing to add to our retail area. We ordered them and set them out in our retail area. We sold out of 2 of the scents in less than 24 hours.

Our clients (and our team) love and appreciate new things we add to the salon. Yes, it takes time to consistently research new items but it is worth it. Here are a few reasons this is important:

1.  Our clients should always be anticipating their next visit and looking forward to what is new.

2.  Our team comes to the same place each day to work (or in our case with the 3 Day Work Week every other day). They appreciate that they work for a company that is always being innovative.

3.  As owners and leaders it's much easier to coach and lead when your team is excited.

We keep things updated each quarter. Every 3 months we change our promotions and we decorate to match the theme of the new decor. We work with our retail companies to see what is coming down the pipeline and we plan our promotions and decor around that.

When there isn't a new product coming or we are in need of something fresh, that's when we research to see what we can find. That is how we come up with the bath salts. So far, they are flying out of the door.

What are some things you do to keep your salon fresh?  Comment below.

Men's Grooming

by Lensi White

What's trending with men's hairstyles?
In a recent Men's Grooming class with Bumble and Bumble instructor, Nico, we got the low down on what's walking the streets of the fashion capital of the world, New York!
Of course, the trends are ever changing, especially in the Big Apple, but it seems as though this classic look is here to stay. Take a look!

The trend is short sides and long top. 

The trend is short sides and long top. 

The trend is short sides and long top. 

This style can be very versatile and be worn many different ways. 

  1. It can have a clean fade, with the top longer and groomed.
  2. It can be more grown out and cut all with straight razor to give more texture.
  3. It can have a bald fade, with an textured undercut on top.

The options are endless, ensuring this classic cut will be sticking around for years to come!
For your clients that seem to be stuck in a rut, slowly mention to them small changes they could make each appointment, and let them know clear reasons why it would be a good idea. It will make it less scary for them to make tweaks to their style.
For example, I have a male client who was feeling stuck, so I began introducing him to the idea of a fade.  He loved it!   A couple appointments later, I introduced him to the undercut on top.  He loved that too.  Then few appointments after that I talked him into getting a hard part.  It was such an exciting journey and now he is thrilled and has more confidence!  He now has an unusual, edgy cut, whereas before he had the same old cookie cutter do. 
So moral of the story: get inspired, immerse yourself in the current trends, and encourage clients to try new things and see your business take off to a whole new level!!

The 4 Parts of Successful 1 on 1's

by Bekah Nash

I think we would all agree that individualized coaching with team members is vitally important to the overall success of our salons, but they loose their effectiveness when they’re centered around the wrong things.  Below are 4 components that we believe should be a part of all individual coaching sessions:

Start with friendly dialogue.

As owners and managers we are all very busy!  This busyness can supersede the very real need for 1 on 1 conversation with our staff.  Beginning individual coaching meetings by connecting just for the sake of connecting allows your team members to see you as relatable.  You become more than just "ALL business ALL the time" to them.  It also lays a solid foundation of trust.  You can’t be an effective coach if your team doesn’t trust you.

ASK them to tell you where they are in relation to their service and retail goals.

Here at Signatures Salon, we have 18 service providers.  You may have less or more, but I share that to say that there’s no way I can recall 18 people’s numbers on a daily basis.  What I can do is work with them on understanding the importance of keeping up with their goals on their own!  As a coach my job is to come along side of them to help as they realize their OWN potential.

Have them set trackable goals for themselves.

A great way to wrap up a 1 on 1 meeting is with some good old-fashioned goal setting!  I like to recap the high points of our conversation then ask what they would like to have accomplished by our next meeting.  BE OKAY WITH SILENCE!  In a day-in-age when everything is instant, we have a hard time allowing people to process ideas before responding.  Giving them space to think through how they would like to improve is so incredibly valuable! 

Notate their goals and recognize them when they reach them.  

The most important piece to this process is pointing out their wins to them.  As a coach, you should also be their biggest cheerleader!  The little effort it takes on your part to recognize them will be the most effective thing you do all day!

What has been successful for you?  Comment below to share your thoughts!

We LOVE Our Team and the 3 Day Work Week

by Wendy White-McCown

With Valentine's Day just being a few days ago, it reminded me of just how much I Love and appreciate our team.

Have you stopped lately to let those who work for you know how much you appreciate them? If you are anything like me, you think about it, but to really stop and say "Hey, I noticed how you handled our client today and you did a great job" is the part that gets missed!

The image above is a basket of hand written cards with Starbucks gift cards in them.  Actually it wasn't from me. I have to say I'm still learning in this department. : ) This basket of cards is from my sweet and thoughtful mom to all of our team. Each card was written specifically to each member of our team. It is easy to think there isn't time to do things like this. The truth is that we make time for what is important. The other truth (for me anyway) is if you write down what you'd like to get done, it's likely to get done.

Needless to say, our team was so grateful to have gotten an handwritten note of appreciation. Whether it be Valentine's Day or really any day, our teams need to hear that we value them and their contribution to the company.

Offering praise to an employee who has accomplished something is the most inexpensive form of reinforcement and is highly effective. It is fun to get creative in this area and think outside the box. Head on over to the store and grab a few inexpensive items meant to highlight employee contributions. 

Here are some ideas:

  • An old record that has been customized for someone who has set a new record.
  • A pack of 'Eveready' batteries for the person who keeps on going and going.
  • A figure Gumby for someone who is flexible and willing to go above and beyond for the team.

Whether it be for a special occasion like 'Valentine's Day' or 'Just Because', recognizing our team speaks volumes to everyone about how we value them.

How do you appreciate and recognize your team?


by Lensi White

As a stylist we make our money by having having a full book of clients! But there comes a point in your career where you can only work so fast, and see so many clients, and can only charge so much!  So if you have ever felt in a rut or capped off, this information I'm about to share may catch your interest.

Last year at a salon conference I heard a speaker talk and he inspired me so much! He talked about how impactful having a treatment menu is and offering upgraded treatments as luxury add-on services. He also talked to us about extra revenue for the salon and stylist! Seems menial, but when added up overtime, the upgrades financially pay off.  At the same time, you build a stronger buy-in with your client because their hair feels better than ever and they leave the salon feeling fabulous and relaxed.  It's a way to elevate your business. The client feels like they are getting more, because it's a luxury service that only takes a few extra minutes. 

To introduce these treatments to the client, we centered our marketing around five treatment options. We even named it "Treat Yo Self"!  We did everything from matching the decor in the salon to the treatment color scheme to a photo shoot, using our employees as models, dressed in the treatment colors!  When you create buzz like this, people always want to know the details!

So far our treatment campaign has been very successful with clients. They are loving their hair results and really enjoying the extra relaxation that's added with the treatment service!

The stylist love it because it has added to their income without having to go up on their prices! They just have to explain what the upgraded treatment does and it is an instant $25 upgrade per client!  It's almost like having a $25 price increase for every client you perform one on! 

With working a 3 day work week, upgrades like this will substantially add to your income! So go ahead and "treat yo self" by adding upgraded luxury services!! Your clients will thank you!