Tools to Tackle To Do's

Doesn’t it seem like the days go by faster and faster each and every year?!? And if the days go by fast, so do the months and years. As a business owner, manager or team leader, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to plan your days, weeks and months to make them as efficient and effective as they can be.


We all have a million things to accomplish on our daily to do list, so having a plan helps us to ensure we are tackling each task with intentionality. A task sheet is an excellent way to track your daily tasks and ensure the completion of each item. Not only is it important for you to have one, but it is vital that each key member of your team has one as well. This allows you the peace of mind that all assigned tasks are being completed on a consistent basis.


There are some keys things to keep in mind when creating a task sheet:

1.     Include daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly tasks 

Having those items separated, but in the same document, allows us to know the time frame that a task needs to be completed. It also doesn’t lump every single item in the same list, which could lead us to feel overwhelmed.

Have these items listed in chronological order as well as order of importance. Make sure the things that need to be accomplished first in your day are listed right at the top.

2.     Know that it is subject to change…and OFTEN!

As responsibilities change, so does our task sheet. First step in taking on a new task is ensuring it has a home on your task sheet. Additionally, the first step in delegating a task to another team member is ensuring the new task has a home on theirs.

Re-evaluate task sheets on a regular basis to make sure items are up to date. Also, evaluate team member’s task sheets with them to ensure integrity in completion and accuracy.

3.     And last but not least, consistency is KEY!

It needs to be completed on a DAILY basis. Nothing feels better than scratching out a full list! Just make sure to do it- and make sure your team is too!

Have team member’s turn in task sheets weekly as an opportunity for accountability with their assigned tasks. Go over completed task sheets in their weekly one on ones or team meetings. Make sure there are no questions that could lead to educational opportunities.


We all want to elevate our teams and businesses to the next level. Our goal is to grow and improve! Goals are reached at a faster rate when our daily to do’s are listed on a task sheet and completed on a consistent basis. It keeps us focused and on track to reach the goals we set to accomplish!