Be a Listening Leader

Being a leader in your business is a position of honor and privilege. There are many personal rewards to leading others toward their goals while simultaneously achieving personal goals of your own. Leading by example for their greater good of the business.
Buuuuut, as anyone in that role for more than a day quickly realizes, leadership can also be a thankless and often challenging role.
It’s challenging to push individuals past their comfort zone and into greatness. It often comes with resistance and bumps in the road before greatness is achieved. Often times, your journey with an individual is cut short before you ever even see the fruit of the work tirelessly put into that team member.
On top of all that, leaders have to constantly be open to constructive criticism and feedback about the business. And here’s the clincher- as a leader, we can’t take it personal!
You are one person to the masses of your business, so often there will be a lot of opinions that will be thrown in your direction. It is often tempting to close ourselves off from hearing the feedback and throw up a white flag while shouting “I’M DOING THE BEST I CAN!!!” Fight the temptation to shut out the noise. As soon as your team feels silenced, they will feel devalued. As soon as your team feels devalued, they will feel the temptation to seek out opportunities that value their voice. Which then in turn leads to team turnover.
No one said leading a team is easy, but trust me when I say it’s worth it. Goals will be achieved, relationships will be formed on a deep level, and growth will happen. Is it slow at times? Sure! Is it hard to hear feedback on a business you love and work so hard for? Of course it is! But listen, and listen with the intent of valuing the speaker. The return on that investment is priceless. And the loyal team you build because of it is worth all the hard work put it! 


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