A change is gonna come...

High team retention is vital to a business in order to survive in today’s competitive business market.  BUUUUUUT- no matter how strong your staff relationships are, change and turnover are inevitable. Great people leave for good reasons. Maternity leaves that transitions into stay at home moms, huge life changes that move us out of state, or even a desire to pursue a new career all together.

These are all honorable reasons that one may have to transition out of a career, but people, especially the good ones, are always hard to let go of.

Here are a few tips on how to handle the loss of a great employee:

1.     Hire WELL

a.     A good employees replacement is KEY to making this transition as seamless as possible. Time isn’t always a luxury in these situations, so hire well. Ask tons of questions and interview candidates as many times as possible to ensure you are getting their authentic self.

2.     Have strong TEAM buy-in

a.     Involve your team in the transition process with honesty and authenticity, and their loyalty will shine through. Involve them in the interview process and get their input on the incoming team member.  Be realistic with how the transition will take place and the amount of time it will take to do so.

3.     HONOR the old while WELCOMING the new

a.     Make sure that your leaving team member feels loved and valued, and all the while, your new team member feels welcomed. Let them know that they have a place and a voice in their new role. A great tip would be to throw a going away party honoring the leaving team member, and have it double as a meet and greet for your incoming team member.


Change is hard- no matter if it’s a good change or seemingly bad one. But hard times of transition often allow you the beauty of reevaluation. It allows for a fresh pair of eyes to come in and improve on already great practices. Take your time, prep your team, and lovingly say goodbye. These are sure-fire ways to protect your business from the inevitable pains of saying goodbye.