Not a Nicety, but a Necessity!

by: Wendy White-McCown


Do you ever feel like you're too busy to walk away from your salon to network with other salon professionals?  We sure do, but we've learned to make it a necessity.

We recently traveled to Houston to meet with some of the best Bumble and bumble Leaders, Mike Melamed, who is the executive director of field sales for Bumble and bumble North America, Nathan Reedy who is the director of southeast sales and Sabrina Rivera who is a sales & education executive.  The knowledge was simple, but 'oh' so very effective.  The one word that kept resurfacing was Omnichannel, aka true continuity of your experience. It was a gentle reminder of who we are and how we communicate to our guest, whether that be in person or through social media.  

Although at times we feel too busy to venture out and network we always see the benefit of stepping back and looking at the salon with a fresh perspective.  It is important to us that our guests feel true continuity with our "brand" at all levels.

Here are three reasons that we think networking is a necessity and not a nicety.

1.  Fresh perspective

2. Builds relationships

3. New knowledge

We just want to encourage you to find some networking events, put them on your calendar, and try to stick to it. You might be like us, and be so glad you did! 

What networking events have you attended lately?