Elevate Your Craft

by Lensi White

I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years, so I'm to the point where I am educating fellow stylists as well as new stylists.  Being in this position holds me to a higher standard because other's are ALWAYS watching!  Because of this, I MUST always pursue ways to continue my own education. This day in age there's so many ways to stay inspired and continue learning.  Becoming stagnant and trying to fool myself into thinking I know "everything" is not an option!

I recently met a stylist/educator who has only been doing hair for 4 years, but you know what?  I learned so much from him!  He worked with me on hand-painting techniques, but I walked away from that class with so much more!

My main take away was to ELEVATE MY CRAFT! Not only with furthering my education, but with simple day to day tasks.  For example, for your clients (especially those long loyal clients) give them that extra head massage, get on their level and talk with them for 5 extra minutes! Do small things that leave big impressions! People are attached by feelings, so if you give them extra feels, they feel more connected and will become more loyal to you!

A big "ah-ha moment" for me was when he told a story about how his hairdresser friend elevated his craft by wearing suits everyday while doing hair! Is that inspiring or what?!  This simple wardrobe change is making him more confident, is helping him attracted a higher clientele, and therefore will be able to increase his worth! 

I want to encourage you to take some time to think about what you can add to your day that would take your craft to a completely different level!!! Will it be elevating your look by kicking those old worn out old shirts, and replacing them with some new blouses or button downs?  Will it be scheduling that class, so you can have more tools and tricks in your pocket? Will it be just taking more time with your already loyal clients?
Know that whatever you choose will take your business to another level and keep you inspired! That's what we all want, right?