What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

by Bekah Nash

If given the choice, who would you choose as your leader?  Aldolf Hitler or Mahatma Gandhi?  No brainer, right?  Gandhi is the clear choice here!  I pose this question to you not to get into the details of their influence, but instead to look at their leadership styles.  One lead from the basis of fear while the other called people to unity and created a vision his followers could stand behind.

Do you give orders or create opportunity?

By giving orders to your team, you are teaching them that they must look to you for every little thing that comes up.  Adversely, creating opportunities for your team is giving them to tools and the confidence they need to handle their own little things as they arise.  I love this quote by Gandhi.  If we as leaders can empower our team to think for themselves, they can grow much faster and higher than we could ever bring them.



5 Suggestions For Leading Your Staff


Make Your Expectations Known on the Front End

As leaders we must scream stability and safety.  If you’re a parent you understand this VERY well! Consistency is key in effective leadership.

Let Your Staff Find Their Solutions

As owners and managers we work very fast and want every conversation we have with our staff be about results.  The quickest way to get results is to give them all of the answers.  RESIST THIS TEMPTATION!  Allowing your team to come up with their own solutions will foster critical thinking, which brings me to the next suggestion.


Create a Critical Thinking Environment

I liken critical thinking to independent thinking.  Does your team have the ability to reason through challenges as they arise on their own?  There will be times when you can’t physically be present to make decisions for them.  This is one of the main differences between managing an leading.  Managers “manage” situations, leaders empower others to manage their own situations.


Let Them Tell You How You Can Support Them

As their leader you are their biggest cheerleader and greatest mentor.  Each team members wants to supported as an individual, tailored to their particular needs.  It’s as easy as just asking them how you can support them.  It’s very likely they will happily tell you what they need from you, which takes the guess work out for you!


Make it Known to EVERYONE When They Get it Right

Shout it from the rooftops when a team member excels.  Give them a high five as soon as you see them do something right!  This is the single most important thing leaders can do to build up their team.  


Creating Opportunities > Giving Orders


How do you create opportunities for the growth of your team?