Fresh Spring Ideas

by Wendy White-McCown

Spring is a great time of year to add some fresh new ideas to your salon.

With the freshness of spring in the air, this is a great time to bring a little bit of that indoors, into our salons. We've learned that adding new items for retail purchase creates a buzz for the team and the clients alike.

I love shopping at places that keep things nice and current. On a recent shopping trip I came upon these wonderful bath salts scented with essential oils that smelled so good. I thought, this would be a good thing to add to our retail area. We ordered them and set them out in our retail area. We sold out of 2 of the scents in less than 24 hours.

Our clients (and our team) love and appreciate new things we add to the salon. Yes, it takes time to consistently research new items but it is worth it. Here are a few reasons this is important:

1.  Our clients should always be anticipating their next visit and looking forward to what is new.

2.  Our team comes to the same place each day to work (or in our case with the 3 Day Work Week every other day). They appreciate that they work for a company that is always being innovative.

3.  As owners and leaders it's much easier to coach and lead when your team is excited.

We keep things updated each quarter. Every 3 months we change our promotions and we decorate to match the theme of the new decor. We work with our retail companies to see what is coming down the pipeline and we plan our promotions and decor around that.

When there isn't a new product coming or we are in need of something fresh, that's when we research to see what we can find. That is how we come up with the bath salts. So far, they are flying out of the door.

What are some things you do to keep your salon fresh?  Comment below.