The 4 Parts of Successful 1 on 1's

by Bekah Nash

I think we would all agree that individualized coaching with team members is vitally important to the overall success of our salons, but they loose their effectiveness when they’re centered around the wrong things.  Below are 4 components that we believe should be a part of all individual coaching sessions:

Start with friendly dialogue.

As owners and managers we are all very busy!  This busyness can supersede the very real need for 1 on 1 conversation with our staff.  Beginning individual coaching meetings by connecting just for the sake of connecting allows your team members to see you as relatable.  You become more than just "ALL business ALL the time" to them.  It also lays a solid foundation of trust.  You can’t be an effective coach if your team doesn’t trust you.

ASK them to tell you where they are in relation to their service and retail goals.

Here at Signatures Salon, we have 18 service providers.  You may have less or more, but I share that to say that there’s no way I can recall 18 people’s numbers on a daily basis.  What I can do is work with them on understanding the importance of keeping up with their goals on their own!  As a coach my job is to come along side of them to help as they realize their OWN potential.

Have them set trackable goals for themselves.

A great way to wrap up a 1 on 1 meeting is with some good old-fashioned goal setting!  I like to recap the high points of our conversation then ask what they would like to have accomplished by our next meeting.  BE OKAY WITH SILENCE!  In a day-in-age when everything is instant, we have a hard time allowing people to process ideas before responding.  Giving them space to think through how they would like to improve is so incredibly valuable! 

Notate their goals and recognize them when they reach them.  

The most important piece to this process is pointing out their wins to them.  As a coach, you should also be their biggest cheerleader!  The little effort it takes on your part to recognize them will be the most effective thing you do all day!

What has been successful for you?  Comment below to share your thoughts!