by Lensi White

As a stylist we make our money by having having a full book of clients! But there comes a point in your career where you can only work so fast, and see so many clients, and can only charge so much!  So if you have ever felt in a rut or capped off, this information I'm about to share may catch your interest.

Last year at a salon conference I heard a speaker talk and he inspired me so much! He talked about how impactful having a treatment menu is and offering upgraded treatments as luxury add-on services. He also talked to us about extra revenue for the salon and stylist! Seems menial, but when added up overtime, the upgrades financially pay off.  At the same time, you build a stronger buy-in with your client because their hair feels better than ever and they leave the salon feeling fabulous and relaxed.  It's a way to elevate your business. The client feels like they are getting more, because it's a luxury service that only takes a few extra minutes. 

To introduce these treatments to the client, we centered our marketing around five treatment options. We even named it "Treat Yo Self"!  We did everything from matching the decor in the salon to the treatment color scheme to a photo shoot, using our employees as models, dressed in the treatment colors!  When you create buzz like this, people always want to know the details!

So far our treatment campaign has been very successful with clients. They are loving their hair results and really enjoying the extra relaxation that's added with the treatment service!

The stylist love it because it has added to their income without having to go up on their prices! They just have to explain what the upgraded treatment does and it is an instant $25 upgrade per client!  It's almost like having a $25 price increase for every client you perform one on! 

With working a 3 day work week, upgrades like this will substantially add to your income! So go ahead and "treat yo self" by adding upgraded luxury services!! Your clients will thank you!