We LOVE Our Team and the 3 Day Work Week

by Wendy White-McCown

With Valentine's Day just being a few days ago, it reminded me of just how much I Love and appreciate our team.

Have you stopped lately to let those who work for you know how much you appreciate them? If you are anything like me, you think about it, but to really stop and say "Hey, I noticed how you handled our client today and you did a great job" is the part that gets missed!

The image above is a basket of hand written cards with Starbucks gift cards in them.  Actually it wasn't from me. I have to say I'm still learning in this department. : ) This basket of cards is from my sweet and thoughtful mom to all of our team. Each card was written specifically to each member of our team. It is easy to think there isn't time to do things like this. The truth is that we make time for what is important. The other truth (for me anyway) is if you write down what you'd like to get done, it's likely to get done.

Needless to say, our team was so grateful to have gotten an handwritten note of appreciation. Whether it be Valentine's Day or really any day, our teams need to hear that we value them and their contribution to the company.

Offering praise to an employee who has accomplished something is the most inexpensive form of reinforcement and is highly effective. It is fun to get creative in this area and think outside the box. Head on over to the store and grab a few inexpensive items meant to highlight employee contributions. 

Here are some ideas:

  • An old record that has been customized for someone who has set a new record.
  • A pack of 'Eveready' batteries for the person who keeps on going and going.
  • A figure Gumby for someone who is flexible and willing to go above and beyond for the team.

Whether it be for a special occasion like 'Valentine's Day' or 'Just Because', recognizing our team speaks volumes to everyone about how we value them.

How do you appreciate and recognize your team?