Starting 2017 with Gratitude

How Can Gratitude Start Us in the Right Direction for 2017?

What we do at the beginning of the year sets the tone for the rest of the year. When we keep positive thoughts in front of us, that is what we attract. Just the opposite is true, when we focus on negative we attract just that.

My mom is always sharing with me the importance of being grateful. To this day she is so quick to write nice "Thank You" notes to everyone, especially when someone does something thoughtful for her. I'm so grateful she has instilled that in me. Think about times when you gave a gift to someone, maybe a wedding or baby gift, and you didn't hear back from them. You wonder "did they like it?" Until recently I didn't realize the impact of being grateful has had on running a successful business. Letting our team know that we appreciate them and are grateful for the way they take care of our clients is very important. Yes, there is a time to coach and talk about those things that need improvement, but intentionally focusing on what is going "right", and being grateful for it, is so rewarding. 

It is kind of like the Law of Attraction...our mind is like a magnet! Whatever gets in your mind and stays there will be what you will attract in your life. If we focus on what we have to be thankful for, we attract more of that. If we focus on abundance, we attract abundance. If we spend less time complaining and more time expressing gratitude we will attract more to be grateful for in our lives. We have been working a 3 Day Work Week for a few years now and it's easy to consider that the norm. Writing this post has reminded me to let my team know how much I appreciate them, the 3 Day Work Week is very successful because of their diligence and excellent in their craft.

There are dozens of benefits of gratitude. Here are just 3 to get you thinking: 

1. Improves self esteem

2. Improves physical health

3. Improves relationships


I want to encourage you to focus on positive things, it will expand your possibilities for the New Year!