Flexible Leadership

by Bekah Nash

Have you ever experienced days when, as much as you try, you just can't keep it all together?  It reminds me of a boat on the water that springs a little leak.  You go to plug one hole (no problem) but soon after another hole forms, then another and another.  Before long you're sinking!  Running a business can feel like this at times.  No matter how much effort we put in, the holes spring up!  

So what can we do about it?  How do we keep fixing our boat while continuing to maneuver it in the direction we'd like to go?  Below are a few thoughts I've had recently as I'm experiencing the demands of "boat maintenance".  


  • Focusing on the negative aspects of your current situation will only breed more of the bad stuff.

    Use the precious energy you have to focus on what's going right.  Address what needs to be better, but don't dwell on those things.


  • Sweating the small stuff will make your team lose trust in you.

    This may not seem like these 2 things are related, but TRUST ME they absolutely are!  Your team is watching you, waiting to see your reaction to situations.  It you're stressed about every little thing, they will be too!


  • No matter how well you plan, when people are involved, things will probably not go exactly as planned.

    There will be times you plan every single detail and things still don't go exactly as you expected.  THAT'S OKAY!  Keep planning, just flexible when things divert a bit.  


  • Even though it may not seem like it today, it's all going to work out just fine!

    Most of the "stuff" is small stuff.  It's little fires that need a bit of water thrown on them.  Remember that as you lead your team.  They're looking to you to remain calm as potential chaos looms.  

Your boat may spring a leak every now and again.  You can write that down.  It's how you go about fixing the leaks while continuing to steer the boat that makes all the difference!