Goals on Goals on Goals

by Lensi White

Being behind the chair only 3 days each week means I must stay laser focused on meeting the goals set for me.  If my goals are ever out of focus, then my over-all vision for my career gets clouded!  This, in turn, hold me back from continuing to grow as a stylist and take my work to the next level.

I always have a goal in mind to achieve. It really gets me excited to be able to track how far I've come!  At Signatures Salon, we have a tool that allows me to set a desired yearly take-home pay, then it calculates monthly and daily goals for me, showing me exactly what I would have to bring in to achieve it!  It brings a ton of clarity to start my year out with my overall goal in mind.  With the help of our management team,  we have these fabulous systems in place!  This allows me to just can come to work and FOCUS on hair which leads to achieving, and sometimes beating, my goals!!!  It's such a win win!!! I'm able to come in and concentrate on doing what I'm good at, and the management team helps me get there with the 3DWW systems!!  It's really a fabulous plan. 

Even in the busiest of seasons, the holidays, these systems continue to help me track all the way through to the of the year.
Thanks to the 3DWW systems I'm able to not only reach my goals, but exceed them!! What a good feeling it is!! Thank you 3 DAY WORK WEEK!