Achieve What Matters in 2017

By Wendy White-McCown


Have you achieved your goals this year?

With 2017 right around the corner, now may be a good time to set some goal setting into motion .

If you are anything like us, it is easy to set goals and then get distracted. Before you know it, it's easy to drift away from what you were so excited about achieving. One of my mentors, Michael Hyatt, has created a course, 'Best Year Ever', that I have personally gone through the past couple of years which has helped me set goals and achieve them.

Running a great salon takes a lot of goal setting and determination. There are so many details to keep the salon in top notch shape as well as keeping the team educated and inspired. This is something that is a lot easier to achieve when you have clear goals and a clear plan of implementation. Whether you are looking to grow your team, open a new location, or aspiring to be a better leader, you can do it when you have a plan and can stick to it.

How do I create a plan to grow myself or my business and really achieve it?

What does it take to accomplish your goals?

1. Find you why.

2. Believe you can.

3. Set your targets.

4. Measure your gains.

5. Build your team.

6. Celebrate your wins.

Next week we will be sending you a link to get Michael's new ebook, 'Achieve What Matters in 2017'. Be on the look out! I believe you have what it takes to achieve your dreams and goals in 2017 and beyond:)

What practices have you put into place to achieve your goals?