Chair Utilization and The 3 Day Work Week

By Wendy White-McCown

To maximize chair utilization it is important to have a system in place.

Our team works 3 days each week and they love it!  Even working just 3 days, they still need to take off periodically to take family vacations, etc.  We 


 that they can be flexible with their schedules and spend time doing things that mean a lot to them outside of work.

To maintain maximum salon chair utilization, we put a system in place to ensure that this happens.  Let me explain how it works.  We ask that the stylists make changes to their schedules with at least 8 weeks notice by switching their desired day off with a stylist who works the opposite schedule.  This works because we have 2 teams of stylists.  One team works Monday, Wednesday and Friday one week while the other team sees clients Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The following week the schedule flips.  This allows a service provider from team 1 to switch a day with a stylists from team 2 with ease.  We also ask that the switch happens within the same month for consistency purposes. We have forms at the front desk that are called "switch forms" and this is what they turn into our management team to request a schedule change. A manager reviews the switch form and makes the necessary changes on the appointment book to reflect the updated schedule.

There are many ways to ensure your salon is maximizing all of the chairs available each day while, at the same time, honoring your team members desired days off.

It's very important for your team to know the "why" behind having someone work in their place to keep the chair utilization high.  Without proper chair utilization, a salon can have difficulty making ends meet.

Listed below are a few reasons why a chair utilization system is important: 

1. It keeps consistency when team members want to take off.

2. It creates a paper trail of time off requests.

3. It ensures the chairs stay utilized.

There are many different systems you could create to ensure maximum chair utilization. The main point is to make sure you have a system that works well for you and your team and that everyone knows how to use it!

What ways do you communicate to your team the importance of chair utilization?  Let us know on Facebook.