3 Ways To Increase Your Effectiveness with Synergy

By Bekah Nash

We all could agree that running a successful salon or spa takes innovation and creativity.  We also could probably agree that as much as we love how those 2 words sound, it can be impossible to deliver that consistently.  It can especially be difficult when dealing with constant questions from employees about one thing or another, coupled with having to make little detailed decisions about what brand of toilet paper to purchase or how to deal with a dissatisfied client.  Our teams rely on us heavily as owners and mangers and it can feel impossible to make time to sit down and think innovatively or creatively about anything!

That’s where the idea of synergy comes in.  I love this quote by the amazing Stephen Covey…

You are ONE person!  There’s only so much you’re capable (creatively) on your own.  The only way to increase your effectiveness is to add the experiences, opinions, ideologies, and values of others to your process of creating.

Below are 3 steps to follow that will have your synergizing in no time!

ACKNOWLEDGE that you don’t have all of the answers.

As I mentioned above, you’re one person with one viewpoint.  Trying to have all the best ideas at all the right times to satisfy your growing business is impossible.  The acceptance within yourself that you need help is the first step to increasing your effectiveness. 

BUILD your circle of influence with people that think differently from you.

It can be natural to want to synergize with people that think almost identically to you.  And while like-mindedness is important to keeping your culture intact, there’s something to rich about creating and innovating along side someone that sees things a little differently.  You need to be able to evaluate ideas from every angle; therefore a diverse circle of influence is vital. 

SHARE challenges and successes with your circle.

The greatest perk to synergizing is being able to share all your ups and downs with others!  There will inevitably be times that are tough and can be daunting to shoulder alone.  On the other hand, there will be wonderful things to celebrate along the way.  And, truthfully, who wants to do either one of those things alone? 

One thing I’d like to mention in closing is this: synergizing can be done internally with team members or externally with a business mastermind group or with family and friends that understand your business culture.  Synergizing is about surrounding yourself with individuals that can help you see a situation or an idea in a way that your mind just doesn’t think of!

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