How 6 Month Reviews Benefit a 3 Day Work Week

By Wendy White-McCown

Although preparing and hosting 6 month reviews take a lot of time, they are a huge part of the success of our 3 Day Work Week salon.

Every January and July our leaders prepare for our semi-annual reviews with each of our team members. This is a time to reflect back on the past 6 months and to look at numbers such as retention, productivity and goals. During the reviews is when the stylist decides if this is a good time to take a price increase based off of their benchmarks. Retention is something that takes at least 3-6 months to get a good average, so this is a great time to review every 6 months. The evaluation of a stylist's retention is always a good indicator of their readiness to have a career advancement.

There are a couple ways in which a stylist can earn more income. They either have to work faster or charge more. This 6 month review time is a great opportunity to clearly communicate where each stylist is on the career path and what needs to happen to get to the next level.

While there are many benchmarks as a salon we are monitoring, here are a few we feel are most important.

1. Client retention

2. Prebooking %

3. Hair color %

We would like to encourage you to take the time to have reviews with your team. We have found this to be very important, especially with stylists wanting to work less and still maintain a substantial take-home pay!

How often do you review the performance of your team members?