An Excuse to Travel?

By Lensi White

These days education is what separates the average stylist from the extraordinary stylist. In the beauty industry, who doesn't want to stand out from the ordinary? As stylists, we all have that creative mentality. And that creativeness needs to be continually fed to grow and expand. If you aren't learning, then you aren't growing!

Online classes are great, but what if you were able to travel more for education and to be continually inspired? With the 3 Day Work Week, I now have that time and freedom to travel, take classes, and get educated.

Recently I had the privilege of traveling to New York City for education. I was able to take a hand painting class, as well as an advanced razor cutting course.

(Pictured above is me learning some new hand painting techniques.)

I also had the opportunity to learn from the amazing Mark Bustos! Mark really has me inspired. He's one incredible hairdresser, but his heart and selflessness are unmatched. He travels all around the world cutting high profile client's hair for top dollar but also serves the homeless community at no cost to them.  Something about that gets me inspired to do more!

(Pictured above is me learning from Mark Bustos. He cut my dad's hair and taught me tips and tricks throughout the whole experience.)

I'm so grateful for the 3 Day Work Week and all the systems we have in place that allow me not only to work in the best environment, but to also have freedom to travel and expand my education. Also, with more education and experience, I'm able to charge more because my time is more valuable! So I'd say it's a WIN WIN! 

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