Behind the Scenes at Signatures Salon: 3 Day Work Week

by Wendy White-McCown

Is it "easier" to have a staff that works only 3 days a week?

In some ways it is "easier" and in some ways "not as easy", but overall it is AMAZING for everyone. We thought we would give you a "behind the scenes" look into our salon in regards to the 3 Day Work Week.

The best way I know how to explain it is this: When you have the right leadership team who believe in the company's mission and vision you can do great things together. Back in 2011, the 3 Day Work Week was a dream of ours and with a lot of hard work it has become a reality. Being able to enjoy a 3 day work week schedule is the result of a high functioning team.

In many ways it is more work with this shorter work week but the rewards are many. Let us give you a few examples of the "easier" and "not as easy".

"Not as Easy"

-more people to manage

-communication can be tricky with less hours worked

-less time worked each week means less time to reach goals


-everyone is more focused

-maximizes salon utilization

-higher profits to pay support team

Having a great leadership team is imperative to supporting a 3 Day Work Week. It is a lot of work while at the same time being worth the investment. We want to encourage you to take the necessary steps to finding the right leadership team and then pay them well for a job well done.

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