Happy Mother's Day!

by Noelle Mills

Being a mother is an incredible gift. Children are such a blessing, but as we all well know…they are also a huge responsibility. On top of that, juggling a career AND children, often becomes too daunting of a task. Many women in the work force can feel this is too much to take on.  

Incorporating the 3‐Day Work Week in our salon was one of our key answers to the question, “Can I possibly keep working in a salon after having children?” We created this system to show our staff that we value a balanced home/work life. In fact, Family is one of our salon’s 3 core values. Our core values are Family, Integrity and Efficiency. We see the FAMILY value played out daily with how our schedule is laid out. This has allowed some of our working mothers the freedom to continue their careers long after having children.

Having an established culture and core values in place is the key to making the 3‐Day Work Week system successful in your salon. Every salon is unique and values different things. Have your staff take part in choosing what you stand for. We did this in one of our quarterly staff meetings. We listed out several suggestions and then narrowed them down, together as a team, to what was most important to us as a whole. Then your team is bought in and on board for who you are as a business. We encourage you to do this with your team, if you don’t already have core values in place.

To all of the mommas out there…here’s to you! This journey is long and hard but so worth it. Whether you work in a salon, another career, or you stay at home full time…you are doing the best you can and you are seen. You are valued and you are enough! We hope you feel celebrated this Mother’s Day.