I’ve Condensed my Schedule to Have More Free Time...Now What?

by Bekah Nash

Even as a mom of 3 children under the age of 6, working only 3 days each week still gives me a significant amount of “down time” at home.  And while I definitely have a lot of responsibilities both at home and at work, I’m still a little guilty of misusing that extra time.  Instead of using that time to focus on fueling my mind, body and soul, I’m catching up on The Voice and Grey’s!

Please don’t misunderstand me, vegging out every now and then is necessary!  The whole point of working a 3 day work week is work/life balance.  But it can be difficult to organize your time away from work without a plan.

Fill in the blanks below to help you determine how your “time off” is best spent:

I wish I spent more time _______________. 

For me it’s reading.  I NEVER regret take time to sit down and read.  What about you?  Is it a spending time on a hobby or nurturing a relationship?  Whatever your answer, formulate a plan to make it happen. 

I’m most inspired and self-motivated when I am ________________. 

How do you fuel yourself?  A car is fueled by gasoline.  Without the gas, the car can’t function.  What’s your fuel?  Take some time to think that over and figure out a way to incorporate that into your life on a regular basis.

My detailed plan to reach my personal goals is __________________.

You’ll notice that making a plan is mentioned under both of the previous fill- in-the-blank statements.  Strategic planning, even for your free time, is necessary in order to strike the correct balance in your personal life. 

Mapping out some of your free time could be a great way for you to pursue the things that you never really made time for in the past.  I’d love to hear how you’re using your free time strategically.   Click here to post on our Facebook page.