How to Uniquely Promote your Salon

by Wendy White-McCown

I want to tell you about 3 different ways you can effectively promote your salon while simultaneously building culture.  Of course working 3 days a week attributes to a Happy Culture, but it isn't the schedule alone that we give all the credit to. 

One outstanding thing about working less is the healthy work/life balance which allows for more of the fun stuff! Recently our salon purchased a 1965 RV, which happened to be our brand color, to use as a marketing piece. We could see it, less magazine ads and more buzz marketing! And that's just what it has done. We recently used it in a Mardi Gras parade, pulling the salon staff in a trailer behind. The crowds loved it. The staff threw to the crowds $1 wooden tokens with our logo on them. We have had lots of people come through the salon doors to redeem their tokens towards hair products.

Maybe your salon doesn't want to purchase an antique bus, but just think of all the ways to promote your salon in an untraditional way.

Here are 3 unique ways to promote your salon:

1. Food Trucks: Have a food truck set up around lunch time in your parking lot and promote that they will be there through social media. Give a small discount for those who come in while waiting for their food, give them a tour and maybe a sample or two.

2. Local Businesses: Partner with a local business. Give their staff complimentary hair services so their employees are "raving fans". Have business cards at their front desk along with product samples for them to take home and try. Have a bowl for them to slip their name and number into for salon giveaways.

3. VIP Cards: Have VIP cards made that are redeemable for a complimentary service with an expiration date. Be strategic in giving these cards out to potential clients you know would be a good fit for your salon. You could even give them to your best clients and ask them to give to people just like them. 

However you choose to promote your salon, have fun with it! People are far more likely to remember you if you are using a buzz marketing technique. Most importantly, make sure your staff is doing everything to retain the clients you work so hard to attract.

What are some unique ways you have promoted your salon? Let us know by clicking here.