The Power of an Efficient Hairdresser

by Lensi White

Before we dive into brining out that powerful, efficient hairdresser that lies within, let's first look at the definition of efficiency:

Why is efficiency so important in becoming a successful hairdresser?  And, do you think about ways to increase your efficiency when you're behind the chair?!

To me efficiency is the definitive key to becoming a rockstar hairdresser!  If you would have asked me that question a little over a year ago, I believe my answer would be different than today!

I always knew it was a good thing, but never knew how to achieve it with my everyday hairdressing. It wasn't until this past month that it really started to click. When comparing last year's goal (with working 4 days a week) to this year's goal (working 3 days a week) my take home pay has stayed consistent! 

You may be on earth is that possible?!

I've achieved this by, quite simply, becoming more efficient with my time. Here are 4 actions that have helped me become more efficient:

  1. Schedule each client accurately, making sure the client is booked for the precise amount of time needed.  Those extra 10-15 minutes, that you don't actually need, are tanking your efficiency level
  2. When completing a service for a client, sweep and clean counters as they are getting out of your chair. This simple trick really helps speed up in between services.
  3. Take control of consultations.  Make sure this time at the beginning of the clients appointment is focused on the clients hair needs instead of their personal life.  You'll have time as you're apply color or cutting to catch up with them personally.
  4. When highlighting, coloring, parting, or cutting, make each step/movement count.  Try to become very aware of your process and look for ways to cut out extra steps.  If you're re-parting the same section of hair 3 times, you're wasting precious time!

Using these simples methods listed above, I was able to increase my income within a year. I also went from working 4 days each week to 3 days without my income decreasing.

Now, efficiency isn't something I learned overnight. My journey is actually still going! So I'm telling you, pick one thing today to start being more efficient. It will literally pay off in the end!

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