Keeping it Fresh

by Noelle Mills

In an attempt to keep the environment of our salon fresh and fun for our staff and clients, we intentionally plan out ways to practically change things up.

One of the main ways we achieve this is by having “seasons” in our salon. Each quarter of the year we change "seasons" and with that comes a change to our salon's décor, our product focus, and our staff sales contests.

With each new season, we create an in-salon photo shoot that incorporates many of our staff’s talents and hobbies. We have a staff member that loves photography, and she is able to shoot the photos. It also captures our stylist’s creative side with editorial-style hair and makeup. Additionally, we use our own staff as the models. Our clients love this element, because once complete, the photos are posted all over the salon. They enjoy seeing their stylists or front desk team in a new and exciting way. The photo shoots are a fun way for our staff to come together and do something outside of the salon. This is also a way for staff members, that normally don't work together because of our 3 Day Work Week schedule, to come together on a unified project.

We also change up our product focus each season. This is incorporated in our décor with creative placement around the salon. Our product focus is also infused into our photo shoot as they are used in the model's hair for the shoot. We will also incentivize our staff through contests centered around selling the product of choice. It keeps product sales in the forefront of their minds and helps them cocktail products in a new and exciting way so the clients and our staff never experience product burnout.

To see some of our past images for inspiration on your next photo shoot, be sure to LIKE our salon facebook page or find us on instagram! On these pages we share fashion and trend inspiration and tips from some of our product brand partners! We would love to connect with you that way.

Stay inspired. Think outside the box, and always keep it fresh.