Does a 3 Day Work Week Alone Contribute to a Positive Culture?

by Wendy White-McCown

Like one of my salon coaches once told me, the 3 Day Work Week isn't a magic bullet. Boy was he right! But, with proper staff coaching and tools in place, the 3 Day Work Week has helped enforce a positive culture.

Working less has created a work/life balance for our team and in return they are more refreshed and positive at work. This positivity has created a sense of teamwork and is noticed by our clients. Our team members are focused and aware of their individual daily goals with a clear-cut career path. They know the expectations and realize that a 3 Day Work Week is a benefit forreaching their daily goals.

Our salon's Positive Culture is partially due to our work/life balance, a clear career path and frequent feedback from our leaders. What we've learned is our team wants clear guidelines and appreciates the frequent feedback to see where they are.

So again, the 3 Day Work Week hasn't created a positive culture alone. The great work schedule is a by-product of a well-oiled team. 

Here is a recap of what we feel like is necessary to create a positive culture:

1. Work/Life Balance

2. Clear Career Path

3. Frequent Feedback

A 3 Day Work Week alone might not get you the results you are looking for, but with a clear career path and frequent feedback, the work/life is a nice by product! 

Do you feel like you have a positive salon culture?