3 Important Reminders of Serious Leaders

by Bekah Nash

As salon owners and managers, we are all leaders within our business.  Leadership can be taxing at times, so it’s important to remind ourselves why we do what we do.  Developing the 3 Day Work Week within our salon has been challenging as it’s a system with no guide book to follow.  It has required us to become serious about true leadership as we blaze this trail together.  Here’s a few reminders to keep us focused:

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it well.

Your quest to become a great leader is a life-long journey that has many peaks and valleys along the way.  Give yourself room to mess up every once in a while!  Refusing to do so will result in a very short-lived quest.  Leadership is hard at times and will require you to use seeming “failures” as opportunities to grow instead of reasons to quit.  Let me remind you that true leadership is the road MUCH less traveled.

Leadership is not ruling over your lowly subjects , it’s humbly serving your followers.

I would venture to say that the overall picture of a leader is very misguided.  People often confuse leadership with dictatorship.  It’s seen as absolute power and ultimate control over others, when in reality a leader is a person that gladly serves the interests of the people following them with little regard for their own desires.

The reward for leadership comes in the form of seeing others succeed.

As leaders we can get caught up in a need to be recognized for our achievements.  Truthfully, we all need a nice pat on the back at times just to keep us moving forward.  However, we must constantly remind ourselves that leaders work diligently to help others succeed first.  The greatest pat on the back a leader can receive is in gratitude from someone they’ve empowered to reach their dreams.

How are you empowering your team today?