The Power of the Present Manager

By Noelle Mills

Life only seems to get busier and busier. This is reflected in our home lives as well as our work environments. Regardless of this fact, what our staffs need most from us is attentive and present leadership.

What does “present” leadership look like? This characteristic is achieved when managers are able to approach each day with a mindset of serving their staff. As leaders, our goal should be to continually strive to make our staff feel valued and heard. Let their goals and dreams be realized by listening attentively to them and addressing any concerns along the way.

Here are some practical ways to accomplish this:

Greet them with a warm, friendly welcome each morning.

One of the unique things having a 3-Day Work Week, means that each new day brings a different team of employees to the salon.

So that morning greeting goes a long way to make them feel special.

Make scheduled passes around the salon.

This can be a particularly difficult thing to prioritize, but its value is so worth it. As managers or leaders, it is very easy to get wrapped up in our to-do lists, and that list often replaces the relationships. When the relationships falter or get stagnant, there is a much higher chance for turnover. This is true with your staff AND your clients.

Mark it on your calendar if need be. It is important that this behavior is done consistently. Otherwise, it is likely to be the first thin

g to be taken off of your schedule.

Use coaching times to discuss business goals AND personal goals.

If we get lost in the numbers and the bottom line, we can lose track of what makes hairdresser unique…their CREATIVITY. Give your staff a chance to discuss and grow their passions as well as their business and you will end up with a happier staff and higher profits.

These are just a few examples of what its looks like to be present with your staff. When a 3-Day Work Week is present in your business, the intentionality to stay connected to your team has to take the highest priority. Never forget that people always come before paperwork.