A Stylist's Take on the 3 Day Work Week

by Lensi White

Yes, I said 3 Day Work Week!  This is a system we put in place at Signatures Salon!  Let me just say it has changed my life.  Really!!

For the readers that don't know, the 3 Day Work Week is a system we've developed that has created a Happier Staff and Higher Profits.  We've done this by increasing chair utilization and productivity and at the same time improving the overall client experience.

So what's in it for a stylist?                              

I love the 3DWW as a stylist, because now I have a perfect work/home-life balance.  Before we implemented this, I was working 5 days a week, and beyond exhausted when I finally set down my shears at the end of the day.  Who can relate?!  This system has allowed me to do what I do best, which is hair, and then also able to enjoy my days off with family.  I'm able to come back to work refreshed and ready for my clients! Also I have extra time for photoshoots, and educating fellow stylist!  Pictured below is Lexi, (left) one of our amazing junior stylists, and me (right).  

I work more efficiently and am able to see more clients!  So now I'm seeing the same amount of clients in 3 days as I was in 5 days, all the while keeping the quality at a very high level!  And because I am behind the chair less, my time is more valuable to my clients, therefore I am able to charge more.  So my take home pay has increased and I'm only working 3 days. Who wouldn't like that?!

Also, my clients have noticed that I am more refreshed and "on my game" when they sit in my chair. And the last client of the day gets the same quality as the first, because I'm not burnt out! 

So yes, the 3 Day Work Week has changed my life for the better, and I'm forever grateful!