Men's Grooming Past and Present

By Lensi White

To groom or not to groom? 

When I say groom, I'm referring to men's grooming, of course.  This past year I have really seen it making a strong comeback.  I believe men have always wanted to look their best, but now it's more fashionable to have a coiffed hairdo and possibly some added facial hair.

Now if we travel back to the 1920's, you will see men's grooming at its absolute best. The precision, and fading, the long coif, the pompadour. For facial hair, clean shaved with maybe the occasional mustache was popular. Men's grooming of that era was exceptional. It wasn't until the 1960's-1970's when longer "ungroomed" hair became a style. 

Cary Grant circa 1920

 George Harrison circa 1970

I say all of that to show you how history repeats itself (especially in fashion and hair.) The styles always come back around with subtle differences. Here's a great, very informative video that will describe it better than my words! 

100 Years of Hairdressing-YouTube

As I have walked the streets of New York, I see mixed styles of the ages past. There are two particular styles that I've seen repeatedly on the streets: the faded-textured undercut and the long unkempt man bun. I'd say it's a mix of the 1920's refined man and the fashionable 1970's "unkempt" man. They are polar opposite styles, one well-groomed and the other unkempt! For this season, each style can be customized to the client. 

With the undercut, the options are endless! You can give them a straight razor disheveled undercut, that, with the right products, can be worn more groomed and combed into place.  By changing the weight line of the haircut can easily give them a whole new look!  Be adventurous and try new styles and change the direction of the weight lines for your client. 

Justin Bieber shows us exactly how to take the same undercut from well-groomed,

       to perfectly disheveled.

Now, the long hair/man bun works well on men with thicker hair. If your client has natural body and soft movement, he would totally rock this style! I would recommend that he use a moisturizing cleanse and condition if he plans to wear long hair. It will make it much more manageable.

So men have plenty of options this season whether they are looking for a groomed coif or long and unkempt or even somewhere in between!

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