3 Ways to Celebrate with Your Staff this Christmas

By Wendy White-McCown

Do you ever wonder how to make time to celebrate with your staff during the busy time of Christmas? The salon is so busy with clients getting their hair done before the holidays, and the employees are busy with family gatherings, just when do we find the time to celebrate with our staff? Well, there are several ways to do this, we will share what we do. Whether you take the time to schedule an out of salon party, or just highlight them at work, it is important you do something. 

For years, we would have lunch catered in and share a long lunch together before scurrying back to the salon floor to see more clients. For the past several years we have scheduled a party off site, preferably a Sunday evening, to share this time with our employees and spouses. Our employees really appreciate this time to hang out with their coworkers. We use this time to let our employees know how much we appreciate them and their contribution to our 3 Day Work Week team. It is especially important for them to hear compliments from us in front of their spouse. This year we took the time to read Demand Force reviews in front of everyone. It made them feel really special to hear their name in a personal review about them. 

No matter the venue you choose to celebrate this special time of year, we want to encourage you to celebrate your employees accomplishments from throughout the year. Your employees need to hear how much you appreciate their contribution to the team. 

Below are 3 ways to celebrate with your staff this Christmas:

  1.  In morning huddle, take the time to acknowledge each person and give a personal example of their contribution to the team.
  2. Order Starbucks, or even better, have lunch catered for the whole team and let them know this is for a job well done.
  3. Write a handwritten card for each staff member letting them know you see their contribution and you appreciate it.

 What we have discovered is this. When our employees know how much we care, they will be harder workers with less drama. Not only that, Christmas is such a special time of year, talk about the real meaning and let this be a time of reflection. Don't let the business of the season pass you by, take the time to let your staff know how much they mean to you.