5 Ways to Build Meaningful Relationships with your Staff

By Bekah Nash

As I was preparing to compose this post, I casually asked one of our front desk Experience Coordinators what I should write about.  She thought for a moment, and then encouraged me to blog about building relationships.  As I unpacked with her what she meant by that, she began listing her perception of a high trust relationship between an owner/manager and an employee.  It was very enlightening for me, and I think it will be for you too.

1.  Use their ideas and then give them credit.

Our employees are our best resource when it comes to ideas for marketing and internal salon systems.  There are few things that will build more healthy pride in a person than seeing their idea come to fruition in front of their peers.

2.  Look for reasons to compliment them.

A small compliment on a person’s fabulous eye make up can easily make their entire day!  Be quick to issue thoughtful compliments to your team every day.

3.  Take ownership when the ball gets dropped.

There will inevitably be times an unexpected problem arises for which there is no ready-made solution.  As the leader of your business, you must take responsibility for those instances.  You should manage yourself in such a way that your team perceives you as humble and responsible.

4.  Make yourself available to them.

Your team should be your priority.  In order for them to truly feel that about you, they have to interact with you on a regular basis.  Although as owners and managers we stay busy with clients and behind the scenes, our team must perceive us as available to them.

5.  Bring them food.

I debated whether or not to include this point, but ultimately decided to incorporate it since she mentioned it.  Running to the grocery store for chips and dip for the employee break room can go a long way in making them feel important and cared for by you.

Never underestimate the power of simply asking questions.  You may be surprised at home much you can learn just by taking a few moments to hear from your staff.  How are you building relationships with your staff?  Let us know onFacebook!