Braids for Days

By Lensi White

Hi there!  Lensi here.  As a stylist I can't help but be excited about the amazing growth and recognition of our craft as of late.  Social media is making celebrities out of hairdressers and I LOVE it.  Recently I've seen a lot of posts with spectacular braids.  I'm so enthralled with the beauty and intricacy of braids. Yes, braids are "so last years look", but the braid game is still looking strong for 2016.  Don't only take my word for it, check out Herve Leger on the catwalk for S/S 2016.

Pretty awesome right!?

What I love about braids is that they can have a romantic feel by softly braiding the hairline and loosely pinning in the nape (as seen in the above photo), or 

you can instantly create a rock star feel with a disheveled braided mohawk that's seriously


Braids can enhance just about any look, but lets take it up a notch for 2016 and talk about unkempt KNOTS!

  I'm not talking about top knots or buns, but literally tying the hair into a knot. Super rad! 

Our staff was so inspired by these amazing looks making their way down the runway a few weeks ago that we created our own fashion imagery.

Take a look at the back...

Knotted mohawk.  You're welcome!

From the front, as you can tell, it's a little more reserved. Depending on your style choice, this look can be worn upscale/classy or paired with a ripped pair of jeans and a black moto jacket. 

The options are endless, so start practicing now!  I promise you will get inspired for the new season that awaits us.