The Most Useless Motivation Method in Existence

By Bekah Nash

A lack of motivation is a widespread issue among all industries.  Everyone wants the answer to this million dollar question: how do I bottle up motivation and use it when my employees are in a funk?  For decades self-help authors have tried to bring clarity to this challenge yet we’re still struggling with this.  

Have you ever noticed that, at any given time, there is a group of employees in your salon that seem to be motivated and “on their game” while every one else is only doing enough to get by?  Then a few weeks later it’s the same scenario, just a different group of employees that seem motivated at the moment? WHY CAN’T EVERYONE BE AWESOME AT THE SAME TIME?!

Here’s your answer:  You will never find one thing that “motivates” everyone because you cannot motivate anyone!  (Insert bug-eyed emoticon)  

This is a hard reality for us to accept because most of us have always thought that motivating our staff is a huge part of our job as owners and managers.  But in reality, your employees are already motivated by something on their own.  

Our job is simply to keep from extinguishing their motivation.

Practical Application

: Make it a point in your individual staff meetings to find out what each of your employees value most.  For example, if quality time with family is a top value then that particular employee may be motivated by the ability to take of time off periodically to attend field trips with their kids.  While another employee may jump at the chance to win some extra cash through in-salon sales contests.  


The inability to motivate does not excuse us from keeping our team engaged and focused on the task at hand.  It only frees us from the impossible pursuit of finding the magic formula for group motivation.