The Cost of Excellence

By Noelle Mills


1. the state or quality of excelling or being exceptionally good; extreme merit; superiority


2. an action, characteristic, feature, etc, in which a person excels

Excellence in your business can be both a blessing and a curse.

While it is vital to set you apart from your competition, it is a hard standard to achieve and maintain.

The upside to excellence in your salon can include a high-end space, the best retail products, add-on services that WOW your clients, and an above and beyond customer service mentality.

The key to excellence is CONSISTENCY. If a client receives excellent customer service at one visit, and returns to an environment or service that does match what was previously experienced, it will cause doubt and disloyalty. Clear standards, communication, and coaching are the 3 C’s that can help ensure consistency is taking place in your salon. We call our managers “CRO’s” – Chief Reminding Officers. This is a vital step to ensure your excellence standards are being met. The price of excellence is discipline and it is needed to create these habits in your team members.

The downside to excellence is that is never


. Clients can be difficult, staff members can be catty and goals aren’t achievable….or so it seems. With the proper coaching and structure in place, it IS achievable. What gets rewarded and recognized gets repeated.

The last downfall is that some people, no matter how hard you try to get them on board…just wont get it! People leave. Turnover is one of the hardest things to deal with in a business! But its important to have the right people on board that believe in your culture and the excellence standards you have in place. It only takes one bad seed to ruin the whole crop, so make sure you know where your staff stands and be willing to make tough calls or let people go to benefit the long term success and culture of your business.

Aristotle said it best…