By Lensi White

What are these two verbs?

Google describes them as the following- 

In the beauty industry these are two very powerful words because fashions and styles are constantly evolving.  When we slack off in these areas, we will see the negative impact of it across our entire salon.  If your co-workers see you acting stagnant and apathetic, (especially if you are in any type of leadership role) they immediately will feel disconnected and trust starts to break down. This also applies to our clients. If we haven't spent time seeking inspiration to motivate ourselves and "Miss Jane" sits in our chair, then she may start looking for another stylist's chair to sit in that is constantly pushing themselves toward greatness!

Also, we shouldn't wait for someone else to do this job for us. Get out and find anything to keep your mind stimulated, excited, and energized!

I know sometimes this can be hard because our focus can sometimes be on other important tasks: meeting goals, keeping clients wowed, keeping morale high, and the list goes on and on!!!  I've learned that there are so many simple ways to stay inspired right at my fingertips with the Internet and countless beauty apps.  Even taking time to help other stylists with new techniques can inspire!

In my 8 years of dressing hair, being intentional about documenting my work has really kept me inspired. Yes, iPhones and digital cameras are great and do the job perfectly!  But lately I've been drawn to the old school Polaroid camera!  

I recently came across it when shopping in Urban Outfitters. It inspired me so much to buy the whole kit, even a photo album to display my work!  This not only inspired me and my fellow hairdressers, but also my clients.  Not to mention, it's fun and I promise you will get a few stares and even some laughs.  But it's just another way to have fun, and keep your clients coming back for more!

By the way, there's something about the Polaroid that is just so stinking cool, I mean even Kylie and Kendall Jenner have recently gotten on board the Polaroid train. They have debuted their new clothing line by snapping pictures with a variety of Polaroid cameras. It instantly gives such a creative and vintage look. I think the funnest thing about it is that you instantly get to hold your miniature piece of art!  So cool!

So this week get out there and think of how you can inspire your fellow humans!  Whether it's purchasing a new tool like a Polaroid camera, walking the streets of your town, or simply grabbing a magazine...just doing something to get inspired and stay that way!