What is a Psy-Cosmetologist?

By Wendy White-McCown

What is a Psy-Cosmetologist?

Psy-Cosmetology is about making people look good-and making people feel great.  

We recently had the opportunity to have Jay Williams with Psy-Cosmetology speak to our staff about the positive impact hairstylists can make with their clients. He shared that great cosmetologists understand that it's not about how the clientlooks, but how client feels about the way they look that really matters!

It was a day we won't soon forget. Jay shared about the importance of learning people's values and how that allows us to serve them in the way they want to be served.

For example, if a client leaves loving their color but calls back the next day saying they're very unhappy with it, asking some clarification questions will serve you better than defending yourself against their complaints.  Maybe she went back to work after her appointment with you and her coworkers told her that the color didn't compliment her skin tone.  Your client may really value her coworker's opinions.  Having this knowledge of your clients values will only help you serve her better.  Telling her that you simply did what she asked in a condescending tone will not be beneficial in the long run for you because she will probably seek out another hairdresser that better understands her values.  

Once you gain that one simple and profound insight, your transformation into a Psy-Cosmetologist begins.

The Psy-Cosmetologist is a beauty professional who:

  • Has great people skills
  • Understands human behavior
  • Works well with all types of people

By combining the art of cosmetology with the science of psychology you can turn your j.o.b. into a fulfilling career and superior income. To learn more more, visit www.psy-cosmetology.com.