The importance of Social Media to your Business

By Noelle Mills

Social media is taking over the world. (Or so it seems). You need to know your businesses’ role in the world of social media and how to capitalize and target your audience.

Social media is a free tool that can create a buzz about your business if used correctly. Here are some tips to target your audience and captivate them on the World Wide Web.

Know your crowd:

Know who you are targeting so your posts appeal to who you are marketing to. If you keep things too broad or unclear, your efforts could seem wasted, because no true interaction or follow through will occur from your posts. This also affects which outlets you use. No business needs to market on EVERY social media outlet. You are spreading yourself too thin and not targeting effectively.

Know your brand:

Make sure to know who you are and keep your posts cohesive. This is really important with any imagery you’re posting. Make sure your pictures are high quality and free from any clutter or background noise.  This is important because the image needs to be focused on what you are promoting (great hair, products, etc.). This is crucial even in choosing what fonts to use on top of photos and what borders to use on collages. You don’t want every picture to look cluttered or not disjointed.

Know the best time to post:

This can be different for every business. Watch your posts and 


 you post them to see the trends. See what time you get the most interaction and schedule your posts accordingly.

Generate likes:

This can be difficult to manage, but each post should have some type of call to action. This can be achieved through great photography on your images, or giveaways that encourage your followers to LIKE or SHARE your posts. Each like and/or comment brings you to the eye of potential new followers to your page.

These tips only scratch the surface on all things social media, but they are a great foundation to start or maintain your online presence. With everything, it’s trial and error, but keep trying…it's worth it!