We Choose JOY

By Noelle Mills

Trying times will come your way, guaranteed.  When trials strike, you have a choice. You may choose to be a victim or a victor.  You may choose resentment or resilience. You may choose sorrow or joy. 

One month ago at 5AM, a drunk driver destroyed our salon.  After the initial shock wore off, we made a choice to choose joy in the storm we were facing.  We made a conscious effort to keep our words positive and uplifting when speaking about the decisions we had to make or referring to the accident.  We chose to not blame the driver or speak negatively of him.  At times, those choices were not easy.  We determined to not let our joy be dictated by our circumstances, but by our state of mind and orientation of the heart.

Due to our positive choices and determination, this journey has proven to be a huge blessing in disguise and has actually been a lot of fun!  Our team is stronger than ever.  We now have the confidence that if we were able to get through this, we can get through anything.

In only one month since the accident, we have returned to our newly-renovated, original location.  It was no small feat I assure you.  Keeping a positive outlook freed our minds to make quick, clear decisions and allowed us to fast track the construction process.

Storms will come, that’s a guarantee…but how you react to them will determine the path you take. We chose joy, and hope you will too.