Are you THE BOSS or the leader of your business?

By Bekah Nash

Are you THE BOSS or the leader of your business?

I recently came across this cartoon in my Instagram feed and it struck a major chord with me.  This is one of the best visual descriptions I’ve ever seen illustrating the differences between a boss and a leader.  

Take a minute and just look at what’s going on.  You’ve got a person on the very top of the mountain celebrating their victory all alone while 3 others are left to fend for themselves down below.  Then on the other side, quite a bit further down, you have a person helping 3 others with their climb.  

When you look at this picture, where do you see yourself?  As the boss or the leader?   

  • A boss pushes and expects results, a leader coaches and celebrates the personal victories of their team members.
  • A boss uses scare tactics, a leader uses positive reinforcement.
  • A boss places blame on those around them, a leader takes responsibility for their team’s shortcomings then works to correct the problem to prevent further issues.
  • A boss takes the credit for their team’s successes, a leader celebrates the victories of the team as a whole.
  • A boss knows everything, a leader is constantly striving to have their team members become even more proficient them themselves.
  • A boss is never wrong, a leader is more than willing to take responsibility for their shortcomings.
  • A boss uses their employees for their own benefit, a leader is interested in building up their team members and giving them a better quality of life.
  • A boss does all the talking, a leader listens first.
  • A boss demands respect, a leader earns it by respecting others first. 

Read this list a few times.  Maybe even consider printing it out and putting it up in your office where you’ll see it everyday.  

These simple yet important truths are vital to the life of your business!