The Power of Hospitality

By Noelle Mills

The Power of Hospitality

Webster defines hospitality as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”. It goes beyond just have “good customer service”.  Good customer is in and of itself…good, but in today’s day in age, its just not enough. Here are a few ways you can amp up the level of hospitality within your business and see a high return. 

Define your ideal client experience.

Brainstorm with your staff and make a plan for what you want each of your clients to experience on a consistent basis.

Define your ideal staff experience.

It is important for your staff to feel valued and respected. When they feel fully supported, the ideal client experience will be a result of that.

Find ways to individualize your client’s experience.

This can be done through notes in your software, calling them by their first name, or remembering details that pertain to them only.

Know that it is more important to eliminate the potential “bad” experiences your client can have, than to add more and more “good”.

Ten “good” items can easily be negated by something as simple as a dirty shampoo area, or negative talk amongst your staff. The effort put into the positive intentionality is now washed away by something that is easily avoidable or easily fixed.

Work with your staff to define potential bad experiences and be proactive to find solutions before they have the chance to come up. 

What you do for all of your clients is defined as a service. Though services and add-ons can really make a big impact, it’s a dime a dozen these days. Today’s consumer is looking something more. People want to feel like an important individual in a big, big world. Find ways to make them feel seen and valued. Aim to be your client’s favorite part of their day. Skies the limit for your business if you do.