What I’ve Learned About Casting a VISION for my SALON

By Wendy White-McCown


Until recently I was hesitant to share my vision with my team. I now see the importance of getting clear on the vision and sharing it. They are excited now to come along aside me because they see their part in the big picture.

One of my passions is studying great leaders. One thing they all have in common is they all speak on the importance of VISION. When my team and I applied these vision principles we went from a average salon to one of the top salons in the country. 

John Maxwell says, "Vision becomes the distinctive rally cry for the organization. It is a clear statement in a competitive market that you have an important niche among all the voices clamoring for customers. It is your real reason for existence."

5 reasons VISION is important for you and your team:

  • It creates a contagious spirit and others begin to rise alongside the leader.
  • It create unity.
  • Hours of labor are given gladly to accomplish the goal.
  • Individual rights are set aside because the whole is more important than the part.
  • Commitment becomes the new norm.

A VISION should be greater than the person who has it. It's accomplishment must be the result of many people bringing the resources to the job. The experienced leader is always looking for others to make the dream come true.

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