Simplifying the Art of Retailing in Your Salon

By Bekah Nash

Ever heard product sales referred to as “low hanging fruit” in the salon world?  It’s there and it’s easy to sell and easy to add on to a service.  In a perfect salon, every service provider would see products as an easy sale and consistently deliver great retail numbers.  But it’s a little more complex in our own salons to get everyone to adopt that mentality.  As salon owners we understand that selling retail is vital to the profitability of our business, but for service providers it’s not always at the top of their priority list.  We won’t tell you we have this all figured out, but we will tell you how our salon has been the top retailer in our region for the product line we sell over the last several years.

Retailing is a part of our culture…a BIG part.

Another way of saying retailing is “product education”.  We make sure that every employee that decides to join our team understands that selling products is something we take very seriously.  Even our career advancement program is based upon certain metrics that include retailing ability.  From the start, your staff must see retailing as mandatory and understand why it’s important to their individual careers.

We ONLY partner with hair care companies that value education and professionalism.

Surely you have had your fair share of product reps that over promise then grossly under deliver.  It's very frustrating!  Seek out a company that cares about your success and really wants to help you.  Also, ask about what education is offered through their company.  The product companies you partner with should be greatly passionate about education.  If you want to see your retail sales improve, then improve your relationship with your product consultant (or get a new one)!

We are constantly creating excitement around retailing and rewarding employees that sell products regularly.

Create in-salon contests around product sales and come up with great prizes for the winners.  Talk with your product consultants for ideas and ask them to donate prizes.  They will be happy to help you if you’re selling large amounts of their product!  Rewarding employees for a job well done in retailing sends a clear message to them that product sales are important and not something that is just extra if they feel like making a sale here or there.  

Healthy retail sales WILL improve your profitability.  That’s something we all know, but don’t really know how to achieve on a regular basis.  The good news is there are steps you can take that will get you there over time.  The 3 practices listed above are a few ways we have been able to get closer to reaching our retail potential.  It’s our hope that you will become even more successful by working these practices into your own salon!