The 3 Most Effective Ways to Stay Connected with Your Team

By Bekah Nash


Q: What kind of staff meetings do you have in your salon?

Q: How often do you connect with your employees?

Q: Are these connection times scheduled or just occur as needed? 

Connecting with your staff is by far the most important part of maintaining a successful salon business.  The fastest way to lose employees is to underestimate the importance of constant communication with them.

Listed below are some ideas we have found that allow us to keep in constant communication with our employees as well as a healthy pulse on current reality.

Staff-Wide Meetings

A staff-wide meeting includes everyone in your organization and requires his or her attendance.  These meetings should occur every 4-6 weeks and should last about 60-90 minutes.  Think inspiration and motivation!  Your staff should look forward to these meetings and feel excited to learn what’s coming in the near future.  Staff-wide meetings will help unify your team and build a strong culture in your salon.  Put time and energy into making these meetings fun and exciting.  The boost in team moral is well worth the effort!

Individual Coaching Sessions

1 on 1 time with employees is the most effective way to boost their chances of achieving personal success in your salon.  As we know, their success precedes our own success and therefore is crucial!  These meetings should occur every week or two and should last about 10-20 minutes.  This is a great time to discuss personal progress and areas for improvement.  Employees should feel that their individual contribution to the organization is recognized and appreciated and therefore worth giving your own personal attention.

Team Huddles

A team huddle is a short daily meeting with your staff that gets everyone focused on a common goal.  Huddles typically occur at the beginning of each day or shift and involve every employee.  Lead by the salon owner or manager on duty, this time should involve discussing the day’s opportunities (openings on the appointment book), important reminders, as well as an update on the salon’s progress toward team goals.  Team goals could be financial or otherwise.  This is a great time to take a minute or two to encourage your team and give them the motivation they need to make their day great!

Incorporating even one of these meetings into your business is a great start!  Consistently having all 3 types of meetings is a long-term goal and we would encourage you to start small and incorporate the others, as you’re ready.

Employees feeling connected to your business and you feeling connected to employees takes tremendous intentionality.  Using this model for staff meetings will only help bring simplicity and consistency to that process.