How to Gain Freedom by Creating Structure

By Bekah Nash

The word 'structure' can be a bad word in the salon world.  There's a common misconception among salon owners that having a structured business means you run your salon like a dictator.  But here’s the truth: no structure doesn’t mean fun, it means straight up chaos!  Without a bit of structure you will have disorder and confusion.  No one, including you, has a point of reference for what is acceptable and what's not.  Here are a few things you could add to ‘structurize’ your business:

Employee Handbook

A well-written employee handbook is probably the most valuable asset you can have as an owner (as it pertains to structure).  Your employees have to know and understand the rules and guidelines of your business.  And unless those things are compiled in a handbook it can be very difficult to enforce them.  If you decide to do just 1 thing on this list do this one!

Key Results Area

A Key Results Area (KRA) is basically a job description.   It outlines the specific area or areas for which an employee is responsible and describes, in detail, the expectations of their role.  Your employees need to know your vision for their particular role.  They need to understand the results their expected to achieve on a daily basis.

Task Sheets

A task sheet is simply a list of tasks that need to be performed by a person or group of people on a consistent basis.  Task sheets are great for your front desk staff, salon assistants and managers.  Think of it as a tool that effectively keeps the important things from slipping through the cracks. 

Policy and Procedure Manual

A policy and procedure manual is a collection of documents that mostly pertain to client interactions.  Think confirmation call procedure and no show policy.  A great policy and procedure manual can really bump up the customer service level in your salon.

Consistent New Hire Training

Adding people to your established team can be a big challenge if your new hire training programs are not well organized.  New hires should be totally immersed in your culture from the very beginning.  If everything else on this list is done then you should have no problem at all acclimating newbies to your team. 

We hope you'll consider implementing these tools into your business as soon as possible.  Developing these tools will take time so don't get in a hurry.  Spend the time necessary to make them great and reference them often.  And remember...structure brings freedom!  Without creating structure you will continue to be a slave to your circumstances.