4 Ways to Achieve Beautiful Work-Life Balance

By Bekah Nash


It feels virtually impossible to get this idea of balance right when you have a career.  Most of us don't consider work-life balance when first building our careers, but now, years into it, it's easily the thing we think about most.  We know that work-life balance is relative to our own situations, but these are a few universal ways to achieve balance that we can ALL implement into our lives.

Get Organized

We waste so much time putting out little fires that we create for ourselves because of a simple lack of organization.  Organized people have the luxury of compartmentalizing their lives because they rarely have loose ends that have been left untied.  If you want be able to give yourself fully to your work and to your personal life, remove the worry and doubt brought on by disorganization.

Stop The Comparison Game

Comparing your lifestyle to that of your best friend’s or your sister-in-law’s (or anyone else’s for that matter) will always lead you away from the very balance you are hoping to achieve.  It’s a waste of your precious energy and will not help you gain the perspective you need to reach your optimal balance.  As stated above, we all have unique lives that are balanced out by very different lifestyles.  So resist that tendency!

Increase Efficiency

No matter the role you play in your salon, owner or hairdresser, it may serve you to evaluate how much time you’re spending doing work verses the amount of time spent away from work.  Are there ways to become more efficient in the time you’re working that would allow you more time off?  The idea of spending less time working is the exact thing that started us thinking about the 3 Day Work Week.  But, in order for us to do that, every one of us had to figure out how to do as much or more work in less time.  It’s very possible with the right strategic plan.

Consider Your Greatest Hopes and Dreams for Your Life

We all move so fast and cram so much into our lives we rarely compare our current reality to our own wants and needs.  It’s your life, you get only one, and yet you’re not living like it.  News Flash: money is very important but it’s not what truly drives us...it's true.  Take some time alone to consider your current reality and how that ties in with what you're truly passionate about.

All of us are aware that there are things about our lives that are just the way they are and cannot be changed or altered no matter how much we want "balance".  However, there are other things that can be reworked to bring us closer to the life we actually want.  Focus on those things and keep your mind of what’s positively moving you toward your individual success!