The 3 Reasons Hairdressers Quit On You

By Bekah Nash

Employees quit leaders, not companies.  So, when someone quits and says "it's not personal" they're sorely mistaken.  But whydo they quit?  And what can we do to keep this from happening?  Here's 3 important areas to focus your attention on that may save you from a great loss:

1.  Their personal value was determined by the amount of revenue they produced.

It's a lot of pressure for salon owners to keep employees happy.  You want to have a healthy relationship with them but you're also their boss.  The main thing to remember here is to never quit communicating.  Make time for each of your employees and really LISTEN to them.  Ask them open-ended questions then just listen.  They need to feel heard in order to feel valued by you.  The time you spend listening is time well spent!

2.  You stopped recognizing above and beyond behavior.

Once an employee has been with you for a while and the over-the-shoulder management style is no longer needed, it's only natural that you also stop recognizing the good things too.  They know the ropes now, after all, and really just want to be left alone to do their work, right?  Absolutely not.  It doesn't matter if someone has been with you for 10 weeks for 10 years, everyone needs to have good deeds acknowledged from time-to-time.  

3.  They decided that the grass was greener somewhere else.

If we're being real, sometimes hairdressers quit on you because the salon down the road will pay them a bit more (seemingly).  Just stay true to who you are as a salon and don't crumble just because someone leaves.  

Hairdressers will quit on you.  That's the truth.  Just be committed to making your salon the kind of work environment where employees feel valued and validated!