5 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Front Desk Staff Long Term

By Bekah Nash

Few things in a salon are more frustrating than front desk turnover.  The position is difficult and time consuming to train and few highly qualified people will to work for what we are willing to pay them.

Here's some ways you can bring prestige and value to the position that will allow you to keep our front desk staff long term: 

1.  Develop a training curriculum that fosters success.

Front desk staff often feel set up to fail.  Because, as the communication hub of your salon, they don't instinctively know how to juggle multiple service providers and tons of clients coming at them simultaneously!  It's past impossible for them to successfully do their job without extensive training on how to prioritize and organize their time.

2.  Give them the authority to WOW clients with their own spin on excellent customer service.

Your front desk staff interacts with way more of the clients than you do and likely know their individual needs better than you do too.  Give them the okay to go the extra mile for clients when they see an opportunity to do so.

3.  Invite feedback from them.

Take time to sit down and talk with your front desk staff about how things are going and what could be better.  Employees value attention to their opinions and suggestions over most anything else.

4.  Celebrate them on Administrative Professionals Day

Every year in April there is a nationally recognized day that honors people like your front desk staff.  Plan with your service providers to bring treats, gifts or cards that day to show them your appreciation.

5.  Pay them well and allow for career advancement where possible.

This is probably the most straight-forward solution but also the most over looked.  We all know it's cheaper to pay an employee a bit more than it is to continually train new ones.  So why don't we just do that?  Figure out what you can afford to pay and do that as they earn it.  Also, sometimes just developing a position like 'Lead Front Desk Coordinator' that pays a little more can do the trick.  Make a plan and commit to it.

A great front desk staff is key to having a well-respected salon.  Make no mistake about it...clients love great hair but they equally love polite, smiling professionals taking care of their appointments!